11/16/2021, 3:31 PM
Has anyone come across this issue with AxureNative.DocumentDb.DatabaseAccount where the BackupPolicy response is always ContinuousMode?
BackupPolicy = new PeriodicModeBackupPolicyArgs
PeriodicModeProperties = new PeriodicModePropertiesArgs
BackupIntervalInMinutes = 1440,
BackupRetentionIntervalInHours = 168
Type = "Periodic"
This is my code where I am setting it to be periodic but I want to have tests to check these values, however when getting the BackupPolicy.Value it is always of type ContinuousModeBackupPolicyResponse so I am unable to test minutes/hours values. These will change depending on environment. It does deploy correctly to azure as periodic with those values but don't want to have a manual check around this. For Azure.Core it worked as expected.