04/01/2021, 7:29 AM
Hey pulumi people 🙂 This thing is completely new to me, but before diving in I've a quick question. Can I tell Pulumi to pull code from GitHub/Gitlab into a k8s pod, build a container (perhaps with kaniko) and push that container to a container registry? I've read a little about the Docker provider, and also looked through an example where a Python app is packaged up in a container in Azure and then deployed to Azure App Service. That's really cool but I'm looking at ways to do this inside a generic k8s cluster.
My git server is on prem Gitlab btw. I'm currently building containers as part of Gitlab CI pipeline inside Gitlab but I'm looking for a tool to orchestrate the whole CI/CD pipeline within k8s
Maybe I'm thinking about pulumi the wrong way here and that I should just go directly to k8s native CI/CD tools like Tekton. And look at Pulumi as the tool to bring up that cluster in the first place. Is that how I should think about it?


04/01/2021, 6:03 PM
we have native Kubernetes provider which allows you to use Pulumi to deploy and manage K8s clusters