04/10/2021, 10:34 AM
Hi, team! I really like Pulumi and trying to migrate from Terraform. I have a question. I have two GCP projects(dev & prod). Should I create two Pulumi project or should I use the same Pulumi project and seperate it by two stacks? Thank you!


04/10/2021, 5:16 PM
Think about it this way - your pulumi code represents a way of building something. You ideally want to build it the same way in development and production - but perhaps have smaller scale in development.
a pulumi project maps to the pulumi code pretty much - so having multiple stacks for multiple environments for a single project makes sense - that way a fix in development can be easily and correctly applied to production because you've tested the pulumi code there first and the original code for both environments were the same 🙂
when I mention multiple projects for multiple types of operations- I usually think about this in terms of layers of stuff.. baseline infra established in one project, then one project manages database configurations, another project manages kubernetes configurations, and you might have a seperate project for access management (I'm currently playing with pulumi automation for this purpose, it shows real promise! :D)