04/19/2021, 12:41 PM
however, I’ll just drop my question in hopes of an answer… I’m creating an Istio Operator Resource and it works - it gets installed. But how can I get the LoadBalancer IP of the Ingress Gateway which is generated by the Istio Operator? I tried something like this:
let ip = await kq
    .list("v1", "Service", "istio-system")
    .filter(it =>  it.status?.loadBalancer?.ingress?.length > 0)
    .map(it => it.status?.loadBalancer?.ingress)
    .firstOrDefault([]).then(it => (it?.length) ? it[0].ip : undefined).then((val) => {
        return val
But I’m not sure how to wrap this into a Custom (dynamic?) resource to be able to have other resources depend on that (like, creating an AWS Route53 A record pointing to the newly created IP)