05/18/2021, 2:09 AM
I've been struggling for the past few hours trying to deploy my code to Google Cloud Function. An internal library that we're using is causing
which could not be serialized because Cannot read property 'executionQueuePromise' of undefined
and other similar serialisation errors. I did get some success with the deploy when I used
inside the GCF handler, but now the
directory is not uploaded as a dependency and is not present in the GCF (and it fails on request). How can I force Pulumi to include additional source files?
Tried to wrap it with webpack. This is what I get now:
function 'handler': transaction.js(17009,30): referenced
      function '__webpack_require__': transaction.js(16921,38): which captured
        variable '__webpack_modules__' which indirectly referenced
          '(module, __unused_webpack_exports, _ ...': transaction.js(332,7): which could not be serialized because
            Unexpected missing variable in closure environment: XMLHttpRequest