Hi, I'm trying to test out any linode resource cre...
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Hi, I'm trying to test out any linode resource creation but every 'pulumi up' is saying "Configuration 'linode:token' value is a secret; use 'getSecret' instead of 'get' leading to updates failed. I'm aware about cfg.requireSecret() but I don't see where can I actually put this variable, neither input or output. I'm suspecting pulumi is trying to call api using 'get' token instead of 'getSecret' token so where can I actually fix this? Thanks.
are you grabbing the linode:token value in your code? can you share it?
i'm not grabbing any linode:token. i was simply const newLinodeToken = new linode.Token(args) and do a 'pulumi up' to update the state. Even if I'm grabbing via cfg.requireSecret(). I don't see it being able to fit anywhere in the input nor output of the linode resource.
the linode:token mentioned was the "linode token" created when new project was initially set up and appeared in pulumi-dev.yaml as secure token which I believe is used to call linode api.
can you share some of your code? it's difficult to parse I'm afraid
even if i do nothing, using the default template. I'm also facing this error.
import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; import * as linode from "@pulumi/linode"; const newLinodeToken = new linode.Token("linodeToken", {   expiry: expiryDate(months),   label: "linodeToken",   scopes: "linodes:read_only", }); export const linodeToken = newLinodeToken.token
thats all
even if i dont change anything. im using the default ts file created via new project. Im also having this error.
from empty project -> pulumi new -> pulumi up, i'm already facing this warning without any interference. ""Configuration 'linode:token' value is a secret; use 'getSecret' instead of 'get'"
i'll try and repro this when I get a few mins
greatly appreciate. been hitting a wall about this warning for long.
okay, here's my code:
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import * as linode from "@pulumi/linode";

// create a new token
const newToken = new linode.Token("example", {
    expiry: "2100-01-02T03:04:05Z",
    label: "linodeToken",
    scopes: "linodes:read_only",
and I set the token in the stack like so:
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pulumi config set linode:token "${LINODE_TOKEN}" --secret
this provisions the token fine - I do get a warning message but it doesn't fail
can you confirm this is similar to what you did?
i paste the token in the command terminal when it asked for it during pulumi new and it appear in the pulumi-dev.yaml.
they worked the same because i config set ---secret it in the same way and the end result is just secure encrypted token as secure in dev.yaml
how to fix the warning?
okay the warning seems to be a new bug across providers: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/7126 We are working on a fix, thanks for letting us know
thank you, looking forward to the new version.