we are using heavily python for CDK and for other ...
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we are using heavily python for CDK and for other Infra/DevOps related projects, but some people recommend using TS with Pulumi due to being the primary development language in the documentation and articles, is there any benefit or pro on using TS instead of Python?
Hi Luis, our recommendation is to use whatever language you and your team are most comfortable with. Pulumi supports parity across the different languages, so one language is not "more advanced" than another, in terms of functionality. Also, being able to continue to use existing tooling you've built in your python ecosystem, is a big help. There is one caveat related to serverless apps. The TS/JS pulumi language provider has some really cool functionality, you can see here, that other languages do not have. If serverless is a big part of your ecosystem, I'd definitely recommend looking further into the attached link to weigh the pros and cons of switching from python to TS. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with to make the evaluation as smooth as possible.
Thanks @green-stone-37839!, will check it. Yeah, one of my thoughts regarding switching to another language was precisely reusing tooling we already have in Python. Will come back if there is anything we might need help with, thanks!. 🙂