# getting-started


08/10/2021, 2:49 PM
Howdy 👋 I'm new to Pulumi and i think it's great so far! But i've trouble organizing my projects / stacks / environments properly. The docs point me for examples on how to organize pulumi to the pulumi kubernetes section where i'm immediately lost. I would love to get some pointers and advice on how to organize my particular case.
I have different Environments at a cloud provider (hetzner cloud in this case). One Environment for testing and one for production. I know about pulumi stacks, but i don't really know how to split the environments within a mono repo. Do i create multiple pulumi.yaml files? I saw that pulumi requires a package.json per project(?). Do i create multiple folders with package.json's inside the mono repo and how does it work with different pulumi stacks then. Or do i need to decouple everything. I think the pulumi docs are talking too much about concepts without explaining 😭
Thanks in advance 😊


08/10/2021, 4:22 PM
i'm a user, ymmv - i do create multiple stacks (pulumi.yaml) files