08/10/2021, 4:23 PM
PS C:\Users\frank.malinowski\Pulumi\Hello World from pulumi> pulumi up --logtostderr -v=9 2> out1.txt Previewing update (dev) View Live: Type Name Plan pulumi😛ulumi:Stack HelloWorldfrompulumi-dev ~ └─ aws😒3:Bucket my-bucket update Outputs: + BucketName: "my-bucket-a56afff" Resources: ~ 1 to update 1 unchanged Do you want to perform this update? yes Updating (dev) View Live: Type Name Status Info pulumi😛ulumi:Stack HelloWorldfrompulumi-dev failed 1 error ~ └─ aws😒3:Bucket my-bucket updating failed 1 error Diagnostics: aws😒3:Bucket (my-bucket): error: 1 error occurred: * updating urn😛ulumi:dev::HelloWorldfrompulumi::aws:s3/bucket:bucket::my-bucket: 1 error occurred: * error reading S3 Bucket (my-bucket-a56afff): Forbidden: Forbidden status code: 403, request id: AQBJZRT3DXAYSPB7, host id: O/1HTv+9WhsXyZ0uGtjc1suLF+4c8H4uJoRAQlGchdJ+hQ0ULm2TCjoKjqvXRSqDgKVIMxCexeg= pulumi😛ulumi:Stack (HelloWorldfrompulumi-dev): error: update failed Resources: 1 unchanged Duration: 5s