# getting-started


08/11/2021, 6:12 PM
Heya all. I have a few questions regarding the Pulumi K8s Operator (PKO), which I’d really appreciate some feedback on. In no particular order: Does the PKO support checking out the head of branches, rather than specific commits - i.e. follow master (and what is the default branch it uses - it is complaining about not being able to find my master branch); Does PKO support local state management, rather than operating against the Pulumi API? (If so, how does one pass this requirement to the stack CR); I’m getting “Failed to setup Pulumi workdir”,“Request.Namespace”“default”,“Request.Name”“bow-poc”,“Stack.Name”“bow poc”,“error”“failed to create local workspace: failed to create workspace, unable to enlist in git repo: unable to checkout branch: object not found”" when attempting to pull down a remote repo. Could someone point me in the right direction, please?