10/10/2021, 7:18 PM
I'm struggling with something that is probably very simple - I'm trying to use PodIdentity with AKS and assign identities to namespaces. In powershell I'd just run:
az aks pod-identity add --resource-group $ClusterRG --cluster-name $ClusterName --namespace $namespace --name $identity --identity-resource-id $IdentityResourceId
If I try and set this at cluster create time, I get the message: "PodIdentity addon does not support assigning pod identities on creation." How can I create the cluster first and then apply this? I don't really understand in Pulumi how to modify an object after creation. I'm using C# if it makes a difference.
For now I've decided to skip doing the AKS addon method and I'm deploying the helm chart and strong typed the CRDs instead to handle it that way