Hey, so I’m wondering something… Maybe I just miss...
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Hey, so I’m wondering something… Maybe I just missed some documentation somewhere but… where do secrets live in the context of Pulumi automation?
@agreeable-eye-87399 First off, thanks for the quick response! I can’t believe I didn’t check the Secrets page 😅 (I kept digging through automation docs). Apologies if this is a silly question… but under Programmatically Creating Secrets it mentions
to read secrets, which we’ve used on a few projects. Then there’s
which we haven’t used before (I don’t think), but where my assumption from the context is that we would use that to encrypt something in the stack’s output. The context for what we’re doing is to use the automation API to spin up some stuff from a server. But before running
we need to generate and set some secrets programmatically. I see there is a
method, which I was kinda hoping would have parity with the
pulumi config set <value> --secret
command, but doesn’t seem to have the equivalent to the
flag? I’m just a little confused about how all of that works.
(also, sorry, I feel like I should have provided a bunch more context in my initial question 😛 )
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