I am attempting to use pulumi locally following th...
# getting-started
I am attempting to use pulumi locally following the online instructions but it seems to be failing to create Pulumi.dev.yaml and not knowing that it is failing. I am using --force because I have tried the command several times after running pulumi stack rm
$ pulumi new kubernetes-typescript -v=3 --force
This command will walk you through creating a new Pulumi project.
Enter a value or leave blank to accept the (default), and press <ENTER>.
Press ^C at any time to quit.
project name: (quickstart)
project description: (A minimal Kubernetes TypeScript Pulumi program)
Created project 'quickstart'
Please enter your desired stack name.
`To create a stack in an organization, use the format <org-name>/<stack-name> (e.g.
stack name: (dev)
Created stack 'dev'
Installing dependencies...
up to date, audited 123 packages in 699ms
30 packages are looking for funding
npm fund
for details`
found 0 vulnerabilities
Finished installing dependencies
Your new project is ready to go! :sparkles:
To perform an initial deployment, run 'pulumi up'
$ ls
Pulumi.yaml       index.ts        node_modules      package-lock.json    package.json      tsconfig.json
Pulumi.dev.yaml is a stack specific configuration file which isn't created until you set a configuration value.
pulumi config set name value
will auto create a stack config file if one doesn't exist.
Thank you.