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03/29/2022, 3:56 PM
Hi there, I'm provisioning some SQS queue policies that are timing out when pulumi runs. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with the provider being slow because on subsequent runs more and more policies resolve. I've set a custom timeout on the resource however it still seems like the timeout is only two minutes when pulumi runs. Is this a bug? Or have I missed something in how custom timeouts are set? The creation code for the queue is this:
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new QueuePolicy(
                new QueuePolicyArgs
                    QueueUrl = queue.Id,
                    Policy = policyJson
                new CustomResourceOptions
                    Provider = provider,
                    Protect = isQueueProtected,
                    DependsOn = queue,
                    CustomTimeouts = new CustomTimeouts 
                       Create = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(30),
                       Update = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(30),
However the error message from the pulumi deploy is where the timeout is echoed as
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aws:sqs:QueuePolicy (policy-name):
    error: 1 error occurred:
    	* creating urn:pulumi:*******: 1 error occurred:
    	* error waiting for SQS Queue Policy (<*****>) to be set: timeout while waiting for state to become 'equal' (last state: 'notequal', timeout: 2m0s)
Really appreciate any advice on this. Thank you.