in that example the /cake/events endpoint is fine,...
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in that example the /cake/events endpoint is fine, but the /cake/command is not showing up
@bland-lamp-97030 I tried out your example locally - and I can't reproduce the problem myself. I deployed the program as is, and could hit both endpoints:
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$ curl -X POST <>
{"message": "Internal server error"}
$ curl -X POST <>
Incorrect token
Then I removed one route, updated, and it 404'd, then added it back, updated, and saw the same as above again. Do you have any more details on steps you take that lead to you not seeing the updates correctly create the routes? If you look at the project at - do you see resources corresponding to both Lambda functions? If you go to the API Gateway created by this in the AWS console, does it have the expected routes? Also - which version of the
dependencies are you using? I was on latest of everything for my test above.
Nope - only the first lambda is displaying within the resources and the api gateway. Package versions are listed in
I did create the first resource, deployed, then created a second resource and deployed
I tried the exact versions in your package.json as well - and I still can't trigger this. Is it possible you are not running
npm run build
? (Note that these are no longer necessary, but to avoid needing them, you would need to change your
to remove these lines:
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That was indeed the problem - I wasn't running a build step, assumed pulumi was doing it, and that's the package.json that pulumi created
thank you 🙂