re github ci/cd app: The docs say only Travis is s...
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re github ci/cd app: The docs say only Travis is supported. Is that still the case? Which parts of the github app are travis specific? It it just those shell scripts mentioned on ? If so it should be probably fairly easy to adapt the guide and scripts for another CI - correct? Thinking of using it in conjunction with gitlab ci on github (to avoid confusion: gitlab ci supports building code hosted since a couple of months, our code would be on, not on gitlab)
If you search back ~3 weeks in chat for “codebuild”, @colossal-beach-47527 explained to me what is necessary to support other CI systems in the GitHub app - it was surprisingly straightforward
And we plan to update the app/CLI to remove these implicit ties to Travis, and to add that to docs. @glamorous-printer-66548 Which CI system are you integrating with? @square-apartment-28429 can likely help get set up and then we can add the steps to the docs.
FWIW I have two branches which I need to tidy up and open PRs for, one to add support for CodeBuild (which turns out to be an “interesting” system) and one for Azure DevOps Pipelines (which is actually fantastic)
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@glamorous-printer-66548 Exactly what Luke and James said. Supporting other CI services is super-duper straight forward, I just didn’t have time to hook up the most common ones. I logged to track this for the time being. @stocky-spoon-28903 looking forward to those PRs 🙂 Sorry again we didn’t do the work already.