Pulumi configuration
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Pulumi configuration
As a newcomer, I thought I'd share my thoughts on a few things.
I've been spinning up and tearing down stacks for half my way, and it's been super fun. I love Pulumi
I've found configuration a little awkward though
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  gcp:project: gt8-infrastructure
  Infrastructure:nodeCount: "3"
To me, this isn't very intuitive to write
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  project: gt8-infrastructure

  nodeCount: "3"
Something like this feels a bit more natural. I'm not sure if this is something that's configurable.
This is good feedback. The storage of config in
has been so far mostly just a serialization format - the
pulumi config set key value
CLI has been the primary interface to config. The serialization has really been aligned with that interface to the system (a single string key and a string value). But it's definitely worth thinking about making sure this file (or something related to it) can be made more pleasant to author by hand. And as part of that, expanding from string key/value pairs to more structured data.