# general


11/27/2018, 4:46 AM
I'm gonna start playing with tomorrow. But I I think others would be more comfortable with a JS sdk.


11/27/2018, 5:27 AM
Internally, we use a test framewwork that does integration testing for Pulumi programs, running them through a lifecycle of stack creation, updates, runtime validation of the infrastructure, then teardown. Currently, we do this via a Go test harness - you can see an example here: Technically, anyone could use that to define their own tests for Pulumi components and stacks. We expect to build something similar as a JavaScript and Python test system so that this kind of testing can be authored and executed via native test runners in the desired language. That would allow integrating intergration testing (as well as unit testing of components) into existing testing patterns using rich test libraries inside these languages (instead of more markup :-)).
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