Does anyone have any examples of non-trivial expre...
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Does anyone have any examples of non-trivial express apps deployed with Pulumi? I want to be able to run a small node app locally or on lambda, and I'm trying to figure out how to structure it without getting continual type errors.
Here’s an example of exposing an Express app in a Lambda (actually, the same code can deploy on both AWS and Azure). This should generalize to any Express app. You can also deploy the Express app as a container and run in Fargate or Kubernetes with Pulumi - so depends a bit on what your goal is.
That's sort of what I mean - I can do that, but I need to build something more complex.
Specifically, I want to build a small express app with two or three endpoints, where each endpoint needs to make an API call and then render the result with a view template.
I'm not sure that's a use-case that's catered for.
Certainly not by the cloud.httpserver 'cos I'm going to need a build process to precompile the templates, and importing shared code gets hairy because the serialisation is deep magic.