Is there anything in Pulumi that would allow you t...
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Is there anything in Pulumi that would allow you to run an arbitrary Docker container as part of deployment? Basically the equivalent of a Kubernetes Job but without K8s in the picture.
as part of deployment
do you mean locally on the machine running pulumi, or on some kind of cloud service?
I'm interested to know if either is possible. For simple things like orchestrating a database migration for example it could run on a build server. Or I could see maybe using something like Fargate to run a transient job image but not sure that there's a comparable service on all clouds
@jolly-lifeguard-22556 not really. On AWS you have fargate though, which is close
In general pulumi makes clouds easier to use, rather than to invent new thing like a distributed job scheduler
@creamy-potato-29402 Yeah I mentioned Fargate already. Could definitely use that to accomplish what I was thinking on AWS. I don't really think what I'm after is job scheduling though. It's simply orchestrating tasks that should conceptually happen as part of logical changes to deployments
Eg specifically things like database migrations that would happen along with version bumps of docker images tags and other changes in the rest of your Pulumi program.
I see. We don’t really have anything like that.
interesting idea though