has typescript changed how it optimises away unuse...
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has typescript changed how it optimises away unused imports or something along those lines? i've just had pulumi delete a load of resources with the only changes being updating package versions. i've imported them more specifically and they're getting rebuilt.
I’m not aware of any changes here on the TypeScript side, and can’t think of any ways that changes in Pulumi could cause this. If you have a small example of how your code was structured when you hit this - please do open an issue so we can look into it to verify whether there is a Pulumi or TypeScript issue here.
i'll try and recreate it in a minute - rushing to get our build servers back up before anybody notices 😄
hmm i can't reproduce it now, i've put the imports back to how they were and it's ok. very confused about why pulumi deleted the resources and then recreated them still. they were kubernetes pods in an azure aks cluster. i presume it's related to pulumi 16.16 -> 17.1 / kube 20.3 -> 21.0