<@UB9JVTW07> I’ve got another question about outpu...
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@lemon-spoon-91807 I’ve got another question about outputs/inputs. I want to use a stack Output
as an input to a
. What is the recommended type for the
args? Resolve before or resolve in the component? This gist works but is messy. It is similarly messy with usage of a
. I’m looking for a ts best-practice review of https://gist.github.com/rosskevin/075cd7a8fc691e549d55835bdf68d75b before I move all of our app components over and follow this as an example. Note that some of this code is a shared library for multiple apps/stacks, so I want to make the arg types versatile.
i can try to help with this later. but i'm oof until monday FYI!
I recommend looking at the awsx package to see how we often do things.
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