so I have stacks named thusly org/environment/stac...
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so I have stacks named thusly org/environment/stack where the stack could refer to my k8s provisioning stuff or the network. In regards to network, when I have org/preprod/network and org/prod/network it really confused the pulumi cli on configuration, is there anything I can do short of doing a config refresh every time I change stacks?
Can you elaborate a bit? I'm not following.
I have two stacks: xxxx/preprod/network and xxxx/prod/network, the module that supplies those stacks saves config parameters locally in a file so if I work on preprod then stack select the prod module unless I call pulumi config refresh it freaks out and tries to destroy everything because the configuration variables differ
I see now.
Err... I think.
So your module has instituted it's own configuration system, am I understanding that right?
Otherwise the config files would be
no, I believe the config file takes on the final stack name, since mine is 3 deep it's taking on network
the way I'm organizing is org/env/stack