Is there a way to lookup details only for a specif...
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Is there a way to lookup details only for a specific resource with
pulumi up
? In the same update, I’m also deleting a big Helm chart (
) and that creates a very, very big details list. Therefore, if I can select just one resource (which is not of that chart’s resources) would help a lot.
Are you looking to just update a single resource? When you say "lookup" - what did you have in mind?
I want to apply all resources at once. Often I just want to see details only for a single resource (or some) before applying it. Just updating a single resource with its dependencies would be a nice workaround, too. I’m aware that this is unavailable yet, unfortunately: Otherwise I would have taken that path already.
For illustration: Pulumi details for deleting the
Helm chart contain all 4
, some with >2k lines for the
part (e.g. Alertmanager: You don’t want to scroll through that long list to find the other resources (!= this Helm chart), do you?