So here's an architectural question I've got with ...
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So here's an architectural question I've got with Pulumi, and I'd love some thoughts on it. When you use AWS API Gateway, your calls to the AWS API make stateful changes to the gateway's configuration. However, it also has the concept of a "deployment", which has to be bumped in order to actually push those changes live. Because Pulumi and not AWS's state is the canonical record for me, I would like a deployment to be bumped each and every time I make a change to a method, an integration--whatever. Is there a good way to express this in Pulumi? I'm struggling to think of one.
There is a standard "trick" to this that every tool that automatoes API Gateway creation reinvents (Serverless Framework, Pulumi, others) because the underlying resource model in AWS is awkward for IAC. You can see how this is done in
to provide a simple approach to API Gateway here:
aha. Thanks. 🙂