I am stuck with this ``` Refreshing (MINDBODY-Plat...
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I am stuck with this
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Refreshing (MINDBODY-Platform/naveen):
Permalink: <https://app.pulumi.com/MINDBODY-Platform/aws-arcus-kitchensink/naveen/updates/51>
error: the current deployment has 1 resource(s) with pending operations:
  * urn:pulumi:naveen::aws-arcus-kitchensink::arcus:cluster$eks:index:Cluster$eks:index:NodeGroup$aws:ec2/launchConfiguration:LaunchConfiguration::monitoring-nodeLaunchConfiguration, interrupted while deleting

These resources are in an unknown state because the Pulumi CLI was interrupted while
waiting for changes to these resources to complete. You should confirm whether or not the
operations listed completed successfully by checking the state of the appropriate provider.
For example, if you are using AWS, you can confirm using the AWS Console.

Once you have confirmed the status of the interrupted operations, you can repair your stack
using 'pulumi stack export' to export your stack to a file. For each operation that succeeded,
remove that operation from the "pending_operations" section of the file. Once this is complete,
use 'pulumi stack import' to import the repaired stack.

refusing to proceed
pulumi cancel
didn’t help.
Did you follow the suggestions in the last paragraph?
@white-balloon-205 yes , followed it. But I deleted the pending operation item and imported the stack. But I am still stuck. It is an endless loop of importing and then
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aws:ec2:LaunchConfiguration (monitoring-nodeLaunchConfiguration):
    error: pre-step event returned an error: failed to verify snapshot: resource urn:pulumi:naveen::aws-arcus-kitchensink::arcus:cluster$eks:index:Cluster$kubernetes:core/v1:ConfigMap::local-dev-naveen-nodeAccess refers to unknown provider urn:pulumi:naveen::aws-arcus-kitchensink::arcus:cluster$eks:index:Cluster$pulumi:providers:kubernetes::local-dev-naveen-eks-k8s::0f92a33a-3eea-4721-b1e7-423c3686666b

  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (aws-arcus-kitchensink-naveen):
    error: update failed
I just want to delete the stack,
It is a development stack.
I don’t want to leave dangling resources.
If you could delete I am OK with that.
@white-balloon-205 Can I get some help?
If there are resources still being managed by the stack, and you want to automatically destroy them, you will need to run a
pulumi destroy
yourself, presumably after doing a
pulumi cancel
. If you can't successfully delete any resources (I'd love to understand what these are), then you can maually delete in your coud provider and run https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/cli/pulumi_state_delete/ to remove from your Pulumi stack so you can continue to destroy other resources. You can also force delete the stack yourself with
pulumi stack rm -f
- though that will then orphan all resources (and you will then want to clean them out manually in your cloud provider).