Hi, I'm currently evaluating Pulumi and I had a qu...
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Hi, I'm currently evaluating Pulumi and I had a question about having multiple people working on the same stack. Are there any best practices for managing a stack's state while multiple people are working on it?
If you are using the pulumi service to manage your state (which is the default), it will ensure that multiple concurrent updates for the same stack can not happen in flight. Trying to start a new
when an existing operation is in flight will yield an error. If you are storing your state either on the local file system or in s3, azure storage, etc, you do not get this locking, and you'll have to invent some locking scheme to ensure multiple updates can not happen at the same time. There is someone in the community who is trying to add locking support when storing the state outside of the pulumi service, there's a PR under review in pulumi/pulumi so that may be another path forward at some point.
Ok, thanks for the help 🙂
I think this is where Pulumi shines over most other solutions!
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