I'm using `awsx.ec2.Vpc` to manage VPCs. I have a ...
# general
I'm using
to manage VPCs. I have a VPC that previously didn't configure any NAT gateways. I just updated it with
numberofNatGateways: 2
to add some gateways but Pulumi doesn't detect the change. Is that a bug? If not, what am I doing wrong? And if so... how do I work around it?
more on this... seems like `numberOfNatGateways`doesn't work at all
I tried creating a new VPC specifying nat gateways and it doesn't show any nat gateways in the resources to create
hey @steep-printer-55468 can you show me the code you're sing to make the Vpc?
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const privateVpc = new awsx.ec2.Vpc("private", {
        cidrBlock: "",
        numberOfAvailabilityZones: 2,
        numberOfNatGateways: 2,
        subnets: [
            { type: "private", name: "private", cidrMask: 24 },
            { type: "isolated", name: "database", cidrMask: 24 },
I've worked around it in the meantime with this
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for (let subnet of privateVpc.privateSubnets) {
        let gw = privateVpc.addNatGateway(`natgw-${subnet.subnetName}`, {
            subnet: subnet.id,

        subnet.createRoute(`natgw-route-${subnet.subnetName}`, {
            destinationCidrBlock: "",
            natGatewayId: gw.natGateway.id,
had an epiphany just now
I am a giant dope and tried to assign nat gateways in a private subnet, which obviously won't work
Pulumi 1, man and his keyboard 0