Are there any issues with pulumi at the moment. I'...
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Are there any issues with pulumi at the moment. I'm running
pulumi preview
. It has now been running for > 10 minutes. I checked the previous time that it was run in activity history (17 Nov) and it completed in "seconds". Nothing has changed in the stack since then.
No known issues. Did this eventually complete?
No, still running...
Just cancelled it now.
Restarted my computer just in case... still not working.
I'm seeing
is where it gets stuck
Was this solved? Ran into some some similar problem when deploying Pulumi JS scrips from Azure Pipelines where pulumi would hang over 30 minutes before failing. Changing node version from ~12.x to 8.x on the Ubuntu machine solved the problem for me somehow.
We did have an issue with a specific version of Node 12.x, but as long as you're on recent pulumi versions that should be resolved.