How should I got about making my own Pulumi provid...
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How should I got about making my own Pulumi provider from an existing Terraform provider ? I've taken a look at the pulumi bridge repository: A lot of stuff seems hard-coded for internal pulumi purposes... I'd like to make a
provider, can someone give me some guidance here ? 🙂
Hey What do you mean hard coded? Everything in there is what allows the language generation to happen for the provider :) P.
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For example in the Makefile: There are 6 references to
when you CTRL+F the file, so there's a big assumption that the provider is meant to be hosted in your Github Organization. I'm not sure what else might be hard-coded around this Here it is assumed that the Terraform provider is officially backed by Hashicorp which is not my case : it's a community provider Maybe these are just aesthetic issues but I'm not very big on Go language so it was enough to stop me for now 😁
@broad-dog-22463 are there any other assumptions in the pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate other than the ones I already mentioned ? Should I just go ahead and replace those with the location of my actual Github repository and the location of the Terraform provider I want to use ?
If you look at Pulumi-Kafka you will see a TF provider that’s on a custom org
It has changed in common/ as well as in resources.go
Thanks Paul Well holy molly it looks like it's completely out of my range to make my own bridge from Terraform to Pulumi for now ! I'll keep watch over the repo though : as soon as it's easier to use for Go-noobs like me then I have a ton of providers to integrate & a network a freelancers that can help me through it I just don't believe I can delegate this kind of task to freelancers for now, seeing as I'm not sure how to do it myself
What provider are you trying to convert @bright-orange-69401 ?
@broad-dog-22463 I'm trying to convert Snowflake Terraform Provider But I'm thinking I might do it with a Dynamic Provider if it's too complicated
I’m looking now - one second
So this isn’t that tough - we’ve just made it seem like it’s not possible - can I put together a doc and send it to you?
I think you’ve be able to do this pretty easily if I gave you the correct info
Alternatively, we can sit on a zoom call on Thursday and do this together - you drive, I’ll help
I can’t tomorrow as I’m teaching a Pulumi class
Is there such a thing as a Pulumi class now ? Wow 🤔 That's epic 😁 I'd be happy for a document because I can also forward it to my freelancers so that they can better apprehend the subject ! I think a Zoom call would be nice as well, if you can fit that into your schedule : if I have firsthand experience I can better delegate it later on 🙂 Thursday won't do for me though. I'll PM you to find a time slot next week !