is there any way to reference environment variable...
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is there any way to reference environment variables in pulumi config?
Would a relative directory work?
vault:ca_cert_dir ./pogos2/certs
yeah, i could commit the cert to my pulumi repo and probably get away with a relative path
but if you start multiplying that pattern it gets annoying pretty quickly
on my setup I had some layer of python on top of pulumi, it would inject ENV vars for dynamic things like build IDs in at runtime on pulumi, then in the typescript code can do:
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// SERVICE KEY from outside
        if ( typeof(process.env['TASK_REVISION']) === 'undefined' ) {
            console.log("TASK_REVISION env var missing! Please specify it with `pulumi up`");
        var task_revision = String(process.env['TASK_REVISION']);
but any type of CI you should be able to add the env vars on the pulumi up command like
TASK=123 GROUP=test pulumi up