Does pulumi need any specific configuration to be ...
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Does pulumi need any specific configuration to be able to create a pubsub topic in GCP? Trying to figure out why only topics are not able to be created but the serviceaccount I use can do everything else. It has the owner role.
The current permissions listed for the owner role even include
Authentication is handled via
gcloud auth activate-service-account
in a container (new container for each execution)
What's the error message you're getting?
error: Error creating Topic: googleapi: Error 403: Request had insufficient authentication scopes.
To answer your first question - no, not aware of any specific configuration needed.
Is the API enabled for that particular project?
Yep. It works on my machine, just not in our CI
I am wondering if it has anything to do with default application credentials.
I’m not aware if Pulumi tries to use those first or something, or uses it for pubsub
I’ll create a ticket for this because it’s extremely problematic for us.
Thanks. I'll follow up internally on this.
Appreciate it. We’re making heavy use of pub/sub these days and we have to always deploy any changes manually otherwise our CI process fails. My guess is the gcloud sdk relies upon a differen authentication scheme or something for pub/sub.