I'm interested in the promise of Pulumi for being ...
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I'm interested in the promise of Pulumi for being able to work in Python rather than JSON/HCL, but I'm a bit dubious about the viability of keeping up with the breadth of coverage that Terraform has in the available providers. For my particular case, I'm in the process of migrating some workloads to Nomad and there isn't yet a resource type for that in Pulumi. There is a github issue from 2 years ago asking for one, but there hasn't been any movement to create it. I started on the path of using the tfbridge and boilerplate, but the level of effort involved is still a bit unclear and I'm hesitant to go too far down that rabbit hole...
I think this is a valid concern @astonishing-quill-88807 and one that needs to be address. Terraform's success has largely been related to how the community has contributed to providers, and I'm hoping to make the process of maintaining community providers much easier soon.
in the meantime, can you link me the github issue for the nomad provider?
Thanks for following up. The issue I mentioned is https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/1546