Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:. I need help conc...
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Hi there 🙂. I need help concerning a k8s provider and component resource in a child stack. I am importing resources from a parent stack and creating a provider like so:
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const k8sProvider = new k8s.Provider(`${prefix}-k8s-provider`, {
  kubeconfig: clusterStack.getOutput("kubeConfig"),


const providers = {
  gcp: gcpProvider,
  kubernetes: k8sProvider,
and then passing it to a component resource:
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const externalDNS = new ExternalDNS(
    zonePolicy: "sync",
    nodeSelector: {
      [`${domain}/nodeType`]: "main"
  { providers },
I am getting an error that seems to indicate the provider is wrong ? Any pointers I can use, I am out of ideas...
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error: Missing required configuration variable 'customer-services:k8sMasterPassword'
        please set a value using the command `pulumi config set customer-services:k8sMasterPassword <value>`
Hi @quick-greece-34196, I think your problem is the error is misleading. Giving
is your current pulumi project, you should do :
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pulumi config set k8sMasterPassword <value>
the prefix in the key is not supposed to be there. Giving the name of your key, you should also set it as a secret :
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pulumi config set k8sMasterPassword <value> --secret
Thanks @faint-motherboard-95438 I will try that.