Hi All. Newbie question here, is there a way to h...
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Hi All. Newbie question here, is there a way to handle shared resources? For example say I have two temporary projects that both need to create resources within the same Azure Resource Group. Is there the concept of having whichever project is called first create the resource group? If so, how does cleanup work once the projects are torn down and their resources deleted i.e. how would I automatically remove the Resource Group? I guess what I would like to happen is 1. Pulumi Up one project (this will create the Resource Group and stick some resources in it) 2. Pulumi Up another project that will add resources to the same Resource Group 3. Tear down one of the projects, deleting its resources. Pulumi would 'know' that another project still has a reference to the Resource Group so wouldn't delete it 4. Tear down the other project, deleting its resources. Pulumi would see there are no more references to the Resource Group and also remove that Is that a supported scenario or would I need to manually manage/delete the Resource Group independent from the two projects?
The resource group would have to be managed by one stack, you have to say which one. You may have 3 stacks: one to hold the RG, and two to put resources into it.
There’s no concept for resources managed by multiple stacks and last one to clean it up.
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