Hi! Any tips on how to supply userData to AWS ECS ...
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Hi! Any tips on how to supply userData to AWS ECS instances? I've got ecsCluster.createAutoScalingGroup() and when I pass userData in the launchConfiguration, the original ECS-specific userData is lost and my cluster doesn't start
Is this specifically about using the
library? How are you passing the custom usersata? I believe the awsx library provides a way to include custom runcmd and bootcmd sections but still keep all the ECS defaults - see https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-awsx/blob/master/nodejs/awsx/autoscaling/launchConfiguration.ts#L421.
@white-balloon-205 or @elegant-dusk-37631 - I'm stuck on the same thing. Looking for a little more clarity. I see that I can add a new autoscaling group to a cluster, but is there some way to just pass
directly to a cluster? I don't see that option exposed in any
arguments object. In my case, I'm trying to install a docker plugin at the time of creating the new EC2 instances.