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05/04/2020, 6:15 PM
Posted this message in #aws, but there seems to be a lot more activity here: Is there a way to pass in an existing 
 to a new 
? I am using the typescript package currently. I want to take advantage of the features of aws crosswalk, but it's import that I can use an imported resource of an ALB that already exists in my amazon account.  For all the other crosswalk resources, I have used the pattern of creating a non crosswalk resource using the 
 option and then passing that in as the argument to create the crosswalk resource.  Am I missing something here with the load balancer? As far as I can tell, it will always create a new load balancer and there is no way to pass in an existing one. To draw a comparison to other resources, when creating a crosswalk cluster, you can pass in an existing aws cluster. If it exists, it will get the cluster and use it, if it doesn't it creates a new cluster.  Looking at the source for the load balancer, it seems to always create one no matter what. Cluster Implementation Load Balancer Implementation


05/04/2020, 7:13 PM
I can’t speak for certain, but the last time I remember the question coming up, no, you cannot changed to crosswalk.