Anyone tried deploying Nomad cluster with Pulumi? ...
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Anyone tried deploying Nomad cluster with Pulumi? Any reliable resource to take as example? I need something basic - 3 server nodes, consul can be on same nodes, 10-20 client nodes running containers in batch jobs. Needs to be on Azure
If there is a tf project, you could try
You can cross reference their TF project. I was demoing Nomad in TF, but since then have abandoned that platform. (Before we found Pulumi)
Yeah. I tried to run it and its kinda buggy. Had to fix some issues and refactor to get rid of warnings on new TF syntax. They also rely on building Azure image with packer first. Will try tf2pulumi after TF itself runs normally
It was not compatible in some places with new arm provider had to patch that too
Its mostly around VMs, public ips, NSGs, and user data script, maybe cleaner to just implement that in Pulumi from scratch than calling into that project
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