How do you guys manage environment variables withi...
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How do you guys manage environment variables within your stacks? For example, I need to store a connection string to a database. Is this a good candidate for encrypted secrets?
We are still in the beginning phases of using Pulumi, but we have been storing non-secret level environment variables within the pulumi config, As far as secrets we have yet to get their, my assumption the direction we would take also would being using Pulumi Secret Management.
we're using mozilla sops
@famous-jelly-72366 that might be a good candidate to integrate as a core Pulumi secrets provider. I didn’t know this one, but for other readers, here is the link:
@broad-dog-22463 ^
I'd suggest opening an issue and seeing what can be done - for information we use for our secrets provider
so if that library supports it, then it's possible to do