Is there a way to have per-project logins? For exa...
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Is there a way to have per-project logins? For example, one project uses a local login, while another uses the Pulumi service. Right now I have to remember to switch logins everytime I go to a new directory/project.
I can work around it by creating my own wrapper over the
command, but I'd rather not if a built-in option exists.
I believe this is supported via the feature added in, though I’m not sure documentation of that feature was ever added. Broader improvements here are tracked in
Awesome! I'm glad I asked this. It's better than nothing. Thanks!
Niice, using this now. Next feature request will be to allow AWS_PROFILE in the stack config.. we require everyone on the team to use the same profile name for their creds, in order to allow config like this to just be "pull and use" for everyone in the team, without sharing secrets.