I'm in some weird state. When I do `pulumi up` thi...
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I'm in some weird state. When I do
pulumi up
this one is stuck here:
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-   └─ kubernetes:<http://apiextensions.k8s.io:CustomResourceDefinition|apiextensions.k8s.io:CustomResourceDefinition>  <http://challenges.acme.cert-manager.io|challenges.acme.cert-manager.io>  deleting     completing deletion from previous update
If I export the stack I can't see any
and if I try to manually run
helm uninstall cert-manager
I can see that it's not even installed. I've also tried running
pulumi refresh
and just
pulumi stack export | pulumi stack import
but it doesn't help
It ends with
**deleting failed**
for that resource saying
error: '<http://challenges.acme.cert-manager.io|challenges.acme.cert-manager.io>' timed out waiting to be Ready
if you installed cert-manager with pulumi, you won't see it listed with the helm CLI, as we only template the yaml then apply it with pulumi. if you run
kubectl api-resources
you'll see the customresource definition is probably still there. This issue is usually because you have a challenge that exists in your cluster, and so the CRD can't be deleted because it has a dependency. Try doing
kubectl get <http://challenges.acme.cert-manager.io|challenges.acme.cert-manager.io> --all-namespaces
@billowy-army-68599 oh, I see, thanks. Do you have any tips on how to delete them?
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kc delete challenge/domains-tls-4054541511-4081547882-2945630014
Error from server: conversion webhook for <http://acme.cert-manager.io/v1alpha2|acme.cert-manager.io/v1alpha2>, Kind=Challenge failed: Post <https://cert-manager-webhook.cert-manager.svc:443/convert?timeout=30s>: service "cert-manager-webhook" not found
You should be able to kubectl delete them
@billowy-army-68599 killed the cluster from aws console and refreshed and then up 👍 works fine now, thanks!