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03/24/2021, 3:04 PM
Hi, we use Pulumi a lot at our organisation and feel quite useful and interesting. Now that we thought we could take advantage of Pulumi Kubernetes Operator and drive stacks backed by Pulumi self-managed backend hosted on Azure Blob storage. When we try to update an existing stack from a repo, we get *unable to open bucket azblob://*****: azureblob.OpenBucket: accountName is required* as we couldn't get AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT and AZURE_STORAGE_KEY environment variables during stack update. Does anyone know how to make these env variables available before or when operator tries to select the existing stack and update the stack?
As shown here in the link, there is no way of inputting env variables for new local workspace as of now and operator will be able to login to Azure Blob storage once it allows variadic args or envs arg alongside stack CR allowing this in addition to envs and envSecrets.
Pulumi guys are really amazing 🏆 and thanks for supporting setting up of environment variables beforehand as one can see at This made my life much easier now 🙂