Hey guys, seems like there’s an issue with AWS, ev...
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Hey guys, seems like there’s an issue with AWS, even a simple s3 bucket example isn’t working. I’ve managed to get to the 2nd step + pulumipulumiStack quickstart-whatever creating. + └─ awss3Bucket my-bucket-2 creating but now I can leave it at this step for 10 hours and it never goes any further The last line in the log vile: I0405 155746.132702 69698 eventsink.go:62] eventSink::Debug(<{%reset%}>WaitForState exceeded refresh grace period<{%reset%}>) There’s no sign of any pending buckets in AWS:S3, so it’s not communicating. I had to set my config file to: config: awsskipCredentialsValidation “true” awsskipMetadataApiCheck “true” awsskipRequestingAccountId “true” Without that, it just gets stuck in the Verifying of credentials and never gets passed that point. Seems like this error is few years old and it comes & goes for some