04/05/2021, 8:03 PM
Hey guys, seems like there’s an issue with AWS, even a simple s3 bucket example isn’t working. I’ve managed to get to the 2nd step + pulumi😛ulumi:Stack quickstart-whatever creating. + └─ aws😒3:Bucket my-bucket-2 creating but now I can leave it at this step for 10 hours and it never goes any further The last line in the log vile: I0405 15:57:46.132702 69698 eventsink.go:62] eventSink::Debug(<{%reset%}>WaitForState exceeded refresh grace period<{%reset%}>) There’s no sign of any pending buckets in AWS:S3, so it’s not communicating. I had to set my config file to: config: aws😒kipCredentialsValidation: “true” aws😒kipMetadataApiCheck: “true” aws😒kipRequestingAccountId: “true” Without that, it just gets stuck in the Verifying of credentials and never gets passed that point. Seems like this error is few years old and it comes & goes for some