Hi :wave:! I need some help with Pulumi and GitHub...
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Hi 👋! I need some help with Pulumi and GitHub actions. So far it's been working fine until recently I've been getting this error:
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Run pulumi/actions@v2
    command: preview
    stack-name: ***
    work-dir: ./
    comment-on-pr: false
    parallel: 2147483647
    target-dependents: false
    refresh: false
    upsert: false
    NODE_ENV: production
    npm_config_yes: true
pulumi preview on ***
  Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/tmp/automation-logs-preview-WtufVl/eventlog.txt'
I looked around in the respective repos for any similar issues reported by the community but I couldn't find it. It looks like the Pulumi bot reports a success after this error.. so that's strange.