I've the following code ```const asgEventsTopic = ...
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I've the following code
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const asgEventsTopic = new aws.sns.Topic("asg-events-topic")

asgEventsTopic.onEvent("ci-cd-scale-in", async ev =>{
    console.log("Processing " + ev);

const runnerAsg = new aws.autoscaling.Group("ci-cd-runner-asg", {
    name: "ci-cd-runner-asg",
    desiredCapacity: 2,
    maxSize: 2,
    minSize: 1,
    healthCheckGracePeriod: 300,
    healthCheckType: "EC2",
    launchTemplate: {
        id: launchTemplate.id,
        version: `$Latest`,
    vpcZoneIdentifiers: vpc.privateSubnetIds,
    initialLifecycleHooks: [{
        name: "asg-events-hook",
        defaultResult: "CONTINUE",
        lifecycleTransition: "autoscaling:EC2_INSTANCE_TERMINATING",
        notificationTargetArn: asgEventsTopic.arn
the sns topic is assigned as a
to the ASG. I noticed during delete the topic subscription is deleted before the ASG. If it were the other way around, ASG deleted prior to topic subscription, deleting ASG would fire lifecycle transtion events for the EC2 hosts. In thread, I'm posting the output of
pulumi delete
bug may be / am I missing something?
partial output of
pulumi delete
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Type                              Name                           Status
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack               p-gar-personal-github-runners
 -   ├─ aws:ec2:Route                     ci-cd-private-1-nat-1          deleted
 -   ├─ aws:ec2:Route                     ci-cd-private-0-nat-0                      deleted
 -   ├─ aws:lambda:Permission             processScaleIn                             deleted
 -   ├─ aws:sns:TopicSubscription         processScaleIn                             deleted
 -   ├─ aws:ec2:Instance                  ci-cd-ssh-hosts-1                          deleted
 -   ├─ aws:ec2:Instance                  ci-cd-ssh-hosts-0                          deleted
 -   ├─ aws:autoscaling:Group             ci-cd-runner-asg                           deleted