I am trying to install the aws and docker resource...
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I am trying to install the aws and docker resource plugins on a machine that does not have internet access to pulumi (very tight firewall rules). The documentation says that there is a way to install a plugin from a tarball file. Is there a URL I can download the aws and docker plugins from (in tar.gz form) directly?
when you run for example
pulumi plugin install resource aws v4.18.0
pulumi CLI will attempt to download from
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so you could pre-fetch those and install on your machine. i believe then you either extract and place somewhere in your
directory, or you might can just place the executable in PATH somewhere
yea! Total tried scalping the hiding spot for the tar but I kept getting an s3 access denied error. I'm going to try it again and see if I have success
haha i just got lucky - tried installing it from a docker container with no network and hoping the error message would reveal it:
and here is a regular install and where it drops it:
I thought there was something in the tooling that provided that "special" access to the s3 location. Because i was totally getting access denied when I scrapped the url from running a verbose on the pulumi plugin install command on a system that had access to the internet and went there to try to download manually
I'm going to try it tomorrow when I'm back on that system. Thanks!
no problem 👍