Has anyone here successfully deployed lambda funct...
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Has anyone here successfully deployed lambda functions that use prisma.io orm? I can generate my schema just fine, but whenever I try importing the client into one of my lambda functions I get the following error when trying to run
pulumi preview
pulumi up
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error: Running program '/platform-cloud-services' failed with an unhandled exception:
    Error: Remote object was not 'function': {"type":"object","className":"Function","description":"Function","objectId":"-2560291290870578958.2.6040"}
        at /platform-cloud-services/node_modules/@pulumi/pulumi/runtime/closure/v8_v11andHigher.js:149:23
        at Generator.next (<anonymous>)
        at fulfilled (/platform-cloud-services/node_modules/@pulumi/pulumi/runtime/closure/v8_v11andHigher.js:18:58)
        at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
After doing some digging it looks like the magic function serialization doesn’t too well with binaries. I’ll try using a file asset and bundling manually to see if that helps
@future-diamond-31373 I'd like to do the same. Have you managed to figure it out?