Hi, I am attempting to create a set of similar re...
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Hi, I am attempting to create a set of similar resources within ComponentResource using Azure Native v1.28.0 (in .NET). The
receives an argument of using the
where T is a custom class which we manipulate before creating the cloud resources. This means we have to iterate over the
property and create resources within the
block. According to the documentation (https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/inputs-outputs)
“During some program executions, apply doesn’t run. For example, it won’t run during a preview, when resource output values may be unknown. Therefore, you should avoid side-effects within the callbacks. For this reason, you should not allocate new resources inside of your callbacks either, as it could lead to pulumi preview being wrong.”
Is there a better way of doing this, without creating resources within the
? Here is a code snippet for some reference.
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frontendEndpointArgs.Apply(endpoints =>
	foreach (var frontend in endpoints)
		if (frontend.HttpsConfiguration == null)

		var httpsConfigurationArgs = new CustomHttpsConfigurationArgs
			FrontendEndpointId = Output.Format($"/subscriptions/{currentSubscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroupName}/providers/Microsoft.Network/frontDoors/{frontDoorName}/frontendEndpoints/{frontend.Name}"),
			CustomHttpsProvisioningEnabled = true,
			CustomHttpsConfigurationConfig = new CustomHttpsConfigurationCustomHttpsConfigurationArgs
				CertificateSource = "AzureKeyVault",
				AzureKeyVaultCertificateVaultId = frontend.HttpsConfiguration.Apply(fe => fe.AzureKeyVaultCertificateVaultId),
				AzureKeyVaultCertificateSecretName = frontend.HttpsConfiguration.Apply(fe => fe.AzureKeyVaultCertificateSecretName),
				AzureKeyVaultCertificateSecretVersion = frontend.HttpsConfiguration.Apply(fe => fe.AzureKeyVaultCertificateSecretVersion),
				//MinimumTlsVersion = "1.2"

		_ = frontend.Name.Apply(frontendName => 
			new CustomHttpsConfiguration($"{frontendName}-SslCertificate", httpsConfigurationArgs, new CustomResourceOptions
				Provider = provider,
				Parent = parent,

Hi team, still looking for a good way to achieve resource creation when we need the inputs from a previous section of the pipeline. This is Front Door, but we have other scenarios e.g. creating SQL Server Firewall Rules based on the possible outbound IPs from a web app.