Hi everyone, does anyone have any prior experience...
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Hi everyone, does anyone have any prior experience dealing with features recently released by a cloud provider that are not yet supported by the Pulumi API? In our case, we want to start to use the dynamic partitioning in AWS Firehose, but this configuration is not included in the documentation. Any good approach to tackle this problem? Is editing from the console an option?
hey @clean-toddler-25770 - unfortunately we are bound by the upstream provider for our AWS provider, in this case the terraform provider.
there are some options, for example, you can use a dynamic provider: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/dynamic-providers/
Ahhh, I see. I didn't realize AWS wasn't a Native Provider yet. Thank you.
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yeah, Iā€™m guessing the best option is probably using a dynamic provider. Use pulumi to stand up the delivery stream, then use a dynamic provider to call update_destination with