Howdy, I was hoping for a quick double check on th...
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Howdy, I was hoping for a quick double check on this before I filed an issue with the docs site on github, it looks like this AWS resource has an issue where the property description of a child resource is bubbling up to the parent's attribute? <> The description for
resource properties looks like it erroneously has the description for
Yep. The equivalent Terraform docs have this:
name - (Required) Name of the trail.
awesome, thanks, glad I havent' lost my mind 🙂
I've found the generated, but I have no idea what generates it. Don't know if the issue would go in pulumi/docs or pulumi/aws.
Looks like there might be a similar problem in the new aws-native package. In that case, trailName is empty....
Looks like this is the tool that generates docs from Terraform docs, so the issue would go in pulumi/pulumi:
(But that's a guess)
yeah it seems like a pretty intuitive dict-merge-for-loop-oops but I also had some trouble finding the docs 🙂
I'll file on pulumi/pulumi later today (US, west coast) if you don't get to it first
thanks for all the help!
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